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Roses come in all different colors and each color has a different meaning, which evokes a different emotion. This is a great starting point to understanding Charlotte, the lady behind Lena Rose — many layers and a love for living life to its most vibrant extent.

Charlotte wanted to do it all — be a nutritionist, acupuncturist, outdoor guide, yoga teacher, marine biologist, a UN ambassador, interior designer — you name it. But what she found was that she gained more joy from working intimately with people in different genres, careers and places in their journey than she did becoming all of these things herself. It allowed her to learn new things each day through her clients and through research for her clients, which inevitably brought her the connection and fulfillment she craved.

Prior to her career in public relations, Charlotte started her professional experience with Nordstrom, touching everything from HR, to sales, to floor design and publicity — connecting continually with the people around her. After working at agencies, Charlotte found herself missing that authentic collaboration and connection to the outside world. She knew that PR can be a really daunting investment, and that messaging can be confusing and overwhelming, leaving people to wonder what exactly it is or why they really need it. She wanted to clear that up and decided to create a space where people felt at home.

Real public relations for real people. At Lena Rose, there are no gimmicks or empty promises of a magazine cover or television appearance. Charlotte prides herself on her honesty and her prospective and current clients praise her for it, allowing them to focus on their day-to-day and bigger picture growth while Charlotte earnestly guides them and shares their stories with the people who need it most.

Trilingual (in English, French and Spanish) and bicultural, Charlotte spends most of her summers in Champagne-Ardennes, France where her mother’s family lives. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, yoga, and spin classes, and trying all the new restaurants in her area.

This woman is a rare gem (did we mention she’s trilingual?!) who cares way less about money than she does about working with brands who she believes in, feels aligned with and truly cares about. This means that once you’re a part of the Lena Rose garden club, Charlotte is out there working her butt off to secure press.

Whether it be the act of putting away someone’s cart at the grocery store or landing them the cover of a high-end magazine, at the heart of Charlotte is a person who is eager to help others through life’s up-and-downs and believes in their stories.

Do you believe in your story? Good. Ready when you are...