The woman who works diligently with flowers, donning thorn scraped fingers and a smile that lights up your day — working hard to tell her Mother’s story through her own beautiful work. The man who quit his corporate job to fulfill his lifelong dream of creating the world’s best hot sauce and comes home everyday with a new story to tell his children, in hopes he can inspire them to follow their dreams, too.

These are the people we come across in our day-to-day and smile at, wave at, thank. These are the people Lena Rose represents — real people with very real hopes and dreams.



What we do

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Everyone has a story to tell and we work diligently to help share that story with the people who need it the most through traditional PR strategies including media, social media, partnerships, consulting and support and more.


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Our clients have a story to tell. And we have the means to tell it.

Lena Rose represents talent/personalities, health & wellness, food & beverage, hospitality, tech, consumer goods and more.


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Whether it be the act of putting away someone’s cart at the grocery store or landing them the cover of a high-end magazine, at the heart of Charlotte is a person who is eager to help others through life’s up-and-downs and believes in their stories.


I can say without a doubt that our business wouldn't see the success it's seen so far if it weren't for Charlotte and her PR talent.